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The Hustlers Network

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The Hustlers Network

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Are you a Twitter content creator but struggling to grow your brand?

Have you always wanted to become a creator but didn't know where to begin?

I know the struggles...

starting out can be challenging;

  • you don't have any connections
  • you have no one to learn from thats already done it
  • you have no knowledge on even building or monetising your audience

The Hustlers Network is the ANSWER.

Let me explain...

My name is Aaron and I started my Twitter account 1 year ago, April 2022 and have already gained a following of 540,000+ .

I came to twitter with no prior knowledge on growing an account; I read no E-Books and had no courses. I just created an account and thought about it like this…

If I was creating a brand new business from the ground up, what would I need to do?


Creating a business in any area of life is difficult if you have nothing. You need to invest in products, equipment, storage, mentors etc. Every business needs capital.

Investing in your account is no different.

There are thousands of different investment opportunities on twitter. However, most of these “engagement groups” are surface level interactions. You trade likes and retweets, but do not communicate, you do not learn, therefore you do not grow.

-Create a network

As well as investing I knew the importance of forming a network

"your network is your net worth"

So from day 1 I began forming my network, I had such a small following when I began but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

I began messaging accounts my size, accounts with thousands of followers, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, I wanted to create a powerful network of individual's all in different stages of their journey

What began as a small telegram chat at the start of April has now become one of the fastest growing discords this space has seen, and now I am making my network public.

The Hustlers Network is not an “engagement group”. We are a community, a place of belonging. We build each other up, give each other ideas, help each other learn,  and therefore WE ALL GROW.

Inside you will interact with successful accounts who have already monetized their accounts for $10,000’s. You will be able to pick the brains of already successful accounts who can help you through your journey to financial freedom.

You will learn strategies and techniques to create a massive authentic following.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

What else is included?

This is a network first, not engagement group.

Ghost writers, Mentorships, Growth, Affiliating, profile setup you need this or advice on these subjects you will find someone inside who can help.

• 18 Accounts with 100,000 - 550,000 followers

• 10 accounts with 50,000 - 100,000 followers

• 10 accounts with 25,000 - 50,000 followers

The strongest network you will find on twitter!

2 Guides:

• Guide on setting up your profile and selecting your niche + building your audience

• Guide on monetising your twitter account and how to approach clients

If you want to create a business on Twitter? Networking is vital.

Lets see what people have to say about the community before I show you a little from inside!











Now lets take a look at the results people are having in such a short space of time, remember the network has only been active less than a month!

Within this discord there is no account to small or too big, we have accounts ranging from 1 follower all the way up to 200,000 followers.

There is always people for you to engage with in our designated growth rooms

Whether your a small account or big account this is the network for you, we are building one of the biggest networks for accounts this space has ever seen.

there are engagement rooms everywhere, community's with actual connections and friendships are rare

See you inside!



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